Saturday, October 24, 2020

Make It A Family Day

Quality Time is at the Top of our List this Month American Family...
Exercise and Immunity

Find Your Balance – Exercise and the Immune System

Physical activity influences the way our bodies respond to viral attacks

Spice Up Your Walk !

Spicing Up Your Walking Routine Walking is excellent for losing those extra holiday pounds. Benefits range...

January is Walk Your Dog Month

Be a Good Boy and Walk Your Dog for Health Benefits Call Lassie; it's Walk Your Dog...
Explore-trails in-Williamson-County

Looking for a Walking Path in Williamson County Texas?

Beautiful Parks in Williamson County Texas Visit local parks and enjoy the space around you. Pack a picnic,...

Take a Walk this Holiday Season

Christmas Holiday Lights in Williamson County Get out and do a little walking with your...
take to the trails Oct

Take to the Trails and Clear Your Lungs

A Nifty List of Groups in Williamson County Enjoying the Great Outdoors of Central Texas Pflugerville Running Club –...
bicep curl

Men Get Moving and Keep Improving

It’s National Men’s Health Month and we’re encouraging you to get outdoors with the boys! It’s so important to be aware of...

Recreation for PTSD

Exercise is the most natural activity one can do when recovering from PTSD . By becoming active, your brain releases endorphins or...