Sunday, January 17, 2021
Favorite verses, Making of Friends

Making Of Friends

        If nobody smiled, and nobody cared and            Nobody helped us along,
Gratitude Produces Joy

A Little Gratitude Brings Joy

May the Gratitude in my Heart Kiss all the Universe November is often a time when people start to...
managing emotions

It is Good to Talk

Mental illness awareness week is here, and I am glad we are talking about it! There is...
pregnancy and infant loss

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

Take the “BOO” out of “TABOO” this Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month "I cannot think of anyone stronger than...
Oregon Meditations on James


Doing Something Despite Difficulty to Achieve Success
Redefine who you are Kelly Frick Connect

Re-Define Yourself

As we get past 45 there is a greater awareness that health is the whole picture of physical, social, mental and...
be open kelly frick connect

Making Connections

heart shaped clouds

Focus on the Lord