Celebrate American Business Women

nirvana american business womens day

Join us for an early celebration of American Business Women’s Day In honor of All the hard working Business Women in America.

Join Pree and Kelly at Nirvana Gym in Pflugerville for a celebration of personnel enrichment. Offering a well deserved 30 minute session of yoga and refreshing essential oil mocktails and healthy snacks *recipes included* .

A great way to start off your weekend midday Friday

•Bring your Yoga pants and be ready for an energetic stretching session

•Refresh your afternoon with yummy essential oil mocktails and organic stick snacks •Insites will be shared on ways to tackle weight management

•Tips on enjoying a healthier lifestyle with more energy

We promise you will love this special time just for you!! From Nirvana Gym, Kelly’s Connection and WilcoWellness

Thank You , We love you and you deserve This