Central Texas Feline Rescue, Saving One Cat at a Time

Central Texas Feline Rescue

If you’re anything like us animal folks, you have something pulling on your heartstrings that says, “SAVE THEM ALL!”

But also, if you’re anything like anyone else, it takes time, money, and energy that not everyone has an abundance of. That’s why volunteering with a rescue organization is great, especially for our long-time volunteer, Denise. CTFR allows her the resources to actively stay involved and save lives. She loves being able to provide food, water, and shelter to these homeless cats. She loves even more that she works with an organization that has a mission to prevent more homeless cats and kittens through TNR. You can’t save them all alone, but we can save many more if we work together!

TNR (trap-neuter-return) truly works. Sometimes cats show up at feeding stations that were not feral but left behind by their peoples. We are able to take these cats in and find them homes. We are also able to rehome cats to barns where they help control mice and rat populations for ranchers and farmers. Populations dwindle to quiet calm groups once the ability to mate and make kittens is halted. A family of sorts for each of these cats, it is interesting watching the hierarchy and structure. For the city gal, this is as close to nature as a person can get. I have heard what the fox truly says, watched raccoons dance, witnessed baby dear in the bushes hiding with their momma, and even bumped into a possum or two.

One cat a time-saving lives is the goal

We could not do our work without your support. Every dollar goes back to the kitties and their health and welfare. Please choose CTFR and make a small donation on Amplify Austin Day.