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Colon Hydrotherapy Helps Cancer Patients During Treatment

Colon hydrotherapy helps cancer patients by stimulating the immune system, increasing appetite and improving the body’s circulatory functions. These benefits are exceptionally helpful if the cancer sufferer is undergoing treatments such as radiation or chemotherapy because they often lack an appetite and experience a suppressed immune system response to the treatment.

Regular colon hydrotherapy sessions also increase physical energy levels to help the cancer sufferer experience a general overall improved feeling of well-being. A weakened cancer patient is physically tired and their body is not functioning in perfect form. The colon will not adequately eliminate the entire waste contents of their colon. Colonic hydrotherapy washes out the waste using warm water relaxing the colon and eliminating toxins. The introduction of water into the colon is also hydrating because the colon naturally absorbs some of the water providing hydration to the entire body.

Colon hydrotherapy is not a cure for cancer but it might help increase the body’s natural ability to battle the cancer cells. When used in conjunction with cancer treatment, the overall benefits are impressive.

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