Creative Flavor Ice Cream Day

Red White and blueberry

July is here Let’s Celebrate

Wilcowellness has two great suggestions for “Creative flavor Ice cream day”.

Make ice cream at home with the kids.  We mixed up and tasted with our personnel 5-year mixologist and taste tester. Presenting the banana split ice cream sundae made with all-natural ingredients. Gluten free and can be made with coconut milk. Ready in 20 minutes or for a nice deep freeze texture ready in 1 hour.

The kitchen is not in the plans for your July first creative ice cream experience we suggest to look up Ernie and roll on over to Ernie’s See Me Rollin Custom Ice Cream Rolls. Pick your flavors pick your toppings and watch Ernie mix and blend before your eyes a delicious Thai Stir Fried Ice Cream with drizzled topping of your choice served-up in a Belgian waffle bowl.   Amazing summer treat, even better Ernie’s pop up ice cream truck will roll up at your next party on request.

Either way July is here and it is time for Ice Cream!!!!

With love from,