Erica's Healthy Pet

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    After experiencing a personal life story, Erica decided to try a healthy revamping of her pet’s diet and nutritional care.  Making their food and treats with wholesome nutritious ingredients the difference in their health was astounding. They lost some extra weight and became happier, healthier, and more energetic. Erica decided to try and share with other pet lovers at local Farmers Markets. The response was awesome! “People really care about the quality of treats they give their pets and are looking for an affordable and safe way to spoil their furry friends”. Using essential oils to solve everyday dog issues (stinkiness, itchiness, fleas, etc.) with essential oils, one of her dog’s severe allergies and the other’s extreme anxiety began to resolve themselves with no medication and no dangerous chemicals. The results were quite impressive and a line of essential oil products was born. Chemicals, hormones, fillers, and genetically modified ingredients are taking a toll on our pets, keeping them from living life to the fullest. Erica is now on a mission to show people how easy and affordable it is to treat and care for your pet.

    Find These great products on Saturday: Wolf Ranch Farmers Market 9 am – 1 pm