Gut Mend - Dr. Valerie Chavez M.D.

    13740 North Hwy 183, Suite A4, Cedar Park, Texas 78750
    Detailed Information

    Dr. Valerie Chavez is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician & Functional Medicine Practitioner. Gut Mend is a functional medicine clinic in northwest Austin with a personalized approach to uncover the root causes of your gut dysfunction.

    Let’s face it. Though most digestive issues won’t kill you, they can make you miserable and decrease the quality of your life. Whether you have to plan your activities near a bathroom OR your belly bloats to an uncomfortable size after eating OR your digestive sounds distract a meeting, it is not enjoyable having digestive discomfort.

    Dr. Chavez opened her private clinic, Gut Mend after suffering from debilitating gastrointestinal symptoms. Experiencing chronic nausea, abdominal bloating after eating, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and even walking into walls!

    She began a long journey for answers, which ended when discovering the concepts of Functional medicine. Functional medicine allows a physician to get to the root causes of illness and eliminate them. Dr. Chavez is now on a mission to help others with their gut issues because life is too short to feel miserable all the time.

    Hours of Operation : Monday -Wednesday 8am – 11:30am , 1pm – 5 pm