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    Round Rock, Texas 78681
    Detailed Information
    I am chiropractor with a special focus on mamas, babies, kiddos, and beyond!
    Helping mamas enjoy pregnancy, have a safer and easier birth, and transition into a healthy and happy motherhood is my greatest joy.
    Helping newborns adapt to their new world, babies nurse and digest with ease, or little ones avoid ear tube surgery.
    Helping a young woman overcome crippling anxiety, live fully without weekly migraines, or get through that “time of the month” without the need of medications.
    Homebody Chiropractic provides the power of a chiropractic adjustment. Welcoming the entire family, specialty care serving women (moms to be or not) and kiddos!
    HomeBody Chiropractic  makes chiropractic care as accessible as possible, and allows me to spend adequate time with my patients! Create a community of supported and empowered women, thriving kiddos, and healthy families;  this is possible when chiropractic care is a routine part of our lives.
    On the initial  visit I will also do a detailed exam of your nervous system.  This is done using state of the art scanning technology called The Insight.   These tools detect where there is stress on your spine, how extensive that stress is, and how it could be affecting the function of your nervous system and overall health.  This incredible technology takes any guess work out of your care.  Rest assured, these scans are completely non-invasive and 100% safe.
    Please call or book an appointment on https://www.homebodychiro.com/contact
    Dr. Stephanie Gessner