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    Twelve years ago I was a busy mom with a rowdy bunch of toddlers who, try as I might, would just not eat all their veggies. Truth be told, the dirty little secret was that I was not a fan myself.

    Nutrition mattered to me because of them. I wanted THEM to have the best possible health, supported by the healthiest food. It was not so easy once they began to question and complain, and we were not the best examples as their parents.

    Enter this thing called JuicePlus...powdered produce. A simple concept but a brilliant one. Thirty different vine-ripened, organically grown, non GMO fruits, veggies and berries in capsules and chewables for kids? Are you kidding? Sign me up! – and they did.

    What started as a way to bridge the nutritional gap and ease the “mommy guilt” led to a slow but thorough education on the subject of plant based nutrition and it’s remarkably well documented impact on the prevention of chronic disease as well as common illnesses. Not only did I join the company’s mission by fueling our family with this genius tool, but I decided to make it my next career.

    I now am a part of the army of JuicePlus partners who spread the word about the importance of eating real food, and offer hope to people like us who now KNOW better and want to DO better. We are a supportive community we like to call the Healthy Living Revolution, and we share free resources on health, nutrition, fitness and the science of prevention, as well as provide a simple yet profoundly effective line of products backed by 25 years of research.

    Lastly, the company behind it all, and our business model, allows people all over the world to build their own dreams through this mission-driven network of independent franchise owners. The 4 little boys that inspired me to share what we found with others, are all grown up now, and we look forward to spending the next part of our lives with the freedom that comes from being healthy and financially secure.

    I hope you’ll find the resources on this page helpful, and that you will share them with others. Our mission is to “Inspire Healthy Living Around the World” and that takes a lot of people pitching in. Thanks for stopping by! Ginger