Peace Out Body Lab

    120 W. 2nd St. #H, Taylor, Texas 76574
    Detailed Information
    Peace, Love, and Bodywork for the Soul!
    Massage and Yoga for the soul
    Yoga was something I had found to help me learn to focus and decrease anxiety. As it turns out, I decided it would be great for my massage clients too.

    Healing takes time. It takes touch. It takes someone willing to hear you, see you, and genuinely be interested in helping you help yourself. It takes someone curious to find out the cause.

    Peace Studios is the start to our answers to your current wellness need.


    • Healing happens when there is a connection between people.
    • Healing happens when there is touch.
    • Bodywork is the therapeutic answer to healing.

    Let me help you feel your edges and find your soul again, too.