Shamanic Goddess - Health Coaching

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    Melanie Maile is a Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner. Originally from Toronto, Canada and  currently practicing out of Georgetown, Texas and Austin, Texas.

    Melanie has been passionate about healing people and animals since a child. She began her own healing journey and recovery from addiction and abuse at a young age. Pushed into a Western Medical model of healing by my family, and found the system to be very limiting, for how can anyone who is stigmatized by labels and diagnoses become empowered, live creativity or be free?

    Melanie has studied, apprenticed, and set out to find a healthy balanced healing method – one which would acknowledge and work at the level of the mind, but, also, go one step higher, so the individual would be capable of completely owning their power on a visceral level, and be capable to changing everything necessary to live the life they want to live, even one of their wildest dreams.

    Whether you have physical, mental, emotional or spiritual sickness, disease or discomfort, addiction, PTSD, or simply feel lost and disconnected, the integrated shamanic healing techniques  removes these blockages, which enables you to ‘grow’ a new body, a light body that brings you back into balance and opens the doorway to co-creation with the universe.