Don’t Be Blue, its National Blueberry Day!

july 8th national blueberry day

These fiber and antioxidant rich fruits are one of the healthiest fruits available be due to their inflammatory reduction characteristics. Turns out in Texas the best berries have been turned into jams and preserves for the summer. We creatively found a way to celebrate:

Here’s how to celebrate:

  • Watch Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory and giggle when Violet turned into a big blueberry after not following Wonka’s rules!
  • Smash blueberries up and get to painting with the kids.
  • Use #NationalBlueBerryDay on social media.
  •  Pick up some spicy berry jam at the Pflugerville Farmers Market on Tuesday evening. Ruben at Back40Gardening creates some amazing Jams with fresh berries and spicy peppers.