Embrace Your Geekness

embrace your geekness

Or, as I like to say, let your geek flag fly!!!

There is a holiday for all of us who have full blown obsessions to guilty secret pleasures. And honestly, doesn’t that describe each and every one of us. Whether you’re into D&D, Star Trek, Dr. Who, Medieval or War Reenacting, Anime or Comics, Steampunk or robotics, this is the day to proudly proclaim, I am a Geek, and I’m proud!

Just in case you are still sitting on the fence about embracing that part of you and letting it shine, here are some benefits of being you.

  • When you like who you are, others will like you too.
  • Confidence attracts confidence.
  • Being the true you helps with emotional, physical, mental and spiritual exhaustion.
  • Being who you are brings joy into your life.
  • Most importantly, wherever you go, there you are. If you’re living true to yourself, you become more present in your life. Everyday will be filled with small and large wonders that add to your journey.

So, put on that cape and save the day. The world awaits you.