Every 2 Seconds, Someone in the United States Needs Blood

Donating Blood Can Help

Every 2 Seconds, Someone in the United States Needs Blood

  • People who go through major disasters or emergency situations
  • People who loose blood during major surgeries
  • People who have lost blood because of gastrointestinal bleeds
  • Women who have serious complications during pregnancy or childbirth
  • People with cancer or severe anemia sometimes caused by thalassemia or sickle cell disease

The process takes about an hour and you will be saving a life. What a great way to celebrate

Love yourself and your peeps Month

Find a center: We Are Blood in Round Rock

Location: 2132 N. Mays Suite 900 round rock Texas 78664

Monday, Tuesday, Friday 8-6

Food to boost your iron before giving blood: Steak, seafood, spinach, sweet potatoes, beans, tofu

What to expect: https://weareblood.org

Make an appointment: There are some health requirements for donors and by making an appointment these requirements and any health concerns can be discussed over the phone before going to the donation location.


Medical History and mini-physical


Refreshments – a phlebotomist (person who works with blood) will escort you to a canteen where you will have a pick of snacks and non-caffeinated beverages. For the next 24 hours drink plenty of non-alcoholic fluids and eat a full meal at meal time. Avoid heavy lifting for a few days and resume your regular exercise activities 48 hours after your donation. Your body will begin making new blood cells just for you, kind of like an oil change for the heart and body.

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