Treat Your Heart to the Mediterranean Diet

Heart Healthy Mediterranean diet

The Link Between a Healthy Diet and a Healthy Heart

are Strong

More often than not, people are not eating enough fruits and vegetables, getting enough fiber in their diets, or lowering their intake of unhealthy fats. The Mediterranean diet has long been recognized as one of the healthiest and most delicious ways to eat. It’s an uncomplicated and easy-to-follow way of eating—simply include plenty of fruits and vegetables, healthy fats (like avocado oil and the healthy fat you get from salmon), whole grains (like quinoa), beans and legumes, local grass fed protein and organic calcium-rich dairy items.

food pyramid

Keep it simple by transitioning one meal a day into a heart healthy

balanced plan

Add certain foods, herbs and spices to your diet. You can establish a strong nutritional foundation for a healthy heart. Work on your nutritional pantry one item at a time and replace a junk food choice with a healthy choice. Cookies to granola and nut snack. Keep fresh fruit available for an easy grab off the counter. Check out our Mediterranean – Heart Healthy Food List for suggestions. We made it simple by noting the items available at the farmers Market this weekend and added a few easy pre-prep lunches full of flavor.

Take the Healthy Heart Food Quiz and see how you are doing.

Check out this list of everyday basics:

  • Five servings of organic fruits – A healthy snack option providing a variety of essential nutrients and fiber
  • Five servings of organic vegetables – Raw, cooked, steamed or roasted- rich in vitamins minerals and fiber
  • Cold water, wild fish five times a week – Salmon or tuna
  • Organic grass-fed meats two times a week – Provides both protein for muscle and Omega-3’s
  • Olive oil or Avocado oil instead of bad oils and fats – Important for nutrient abortion and healthy immune function
  • Whole grains and vegetable-based pastas – Avoid refined grains which can spike blood sugars
  • Nuts and Seeds – Eaten in moderation contain omega-3’s and help regulate cholesterol levels
  • Green tea
  • Smaller meals
  • Fiber every day (21-38 grams) – Fruit and Vegetables


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