I Forgot Day

Have you ever forgotten to remember something?

Then today is the day for you.

I Forgot Day July 2nd was created by Gaye Andersen of De Motte, IN. when she had forgotten her daughter’s birthday and anniversary, as well as her own anniversary.

I Forgot day is for:

  • All of us that have let special moments slide by unnoticed
  • A day to make amends to those we love. Make it fun, an activity to brighten your day as well as others.
  • A day to remember to apologize to yourself. In our busy lives, we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves.
Make today a fun make up day for forgetting someone special. 

Take your special person to a great place to say “I just kind of sort of forgot” “senior moment” or “I have no excuse, please let me make it up to You”

and remember you

hydrate your forgetful brain at the same time. Statistics say everyone likes a good juice or smoothie and the brain runs much more efficient when hydrated and filled with nutrients.

We found this local Nutritious Smoothie stop in Georgetown, and remember someone special and pick up something tasty to share or better yet take them to lunch.