July Is Get Out and Picnic Month

picnic-in grass

The piquenique (picnic) started in 18th century France where they enjoyed a light meal of bread and cheese, fruit and wine underneath the open sky. Over time, its popularity has spread and is enjoyed in a variety of ways. When you hear the word picnic, what image comes to mind? A sunny day on the beach, an afternoon at a park? Whatever it is, July is a wonderful time to get outdoors with family and friends.

Sometimes the best medicine is fresh air. When we add that with people we love, conversation and good food, we increase our overall health and wellness.

  • Relationships: Quality time to connect with people we love boosts our moods and overall well being
  • Nature: Spending time out in nature helps boost our immune system and reduces stress.
  • Unplugged: Leave your phone & tablets at home. Spend the time connecting with people and your surroundings.
  • Eating outdoors: Helps you to slow down, to be mindful and enjoy what you’re eating.
  • Exercise: Hiking, biking, swimming. Whatever your activity, you’re building muscle, increasing your heart rate and boosting your oxygen.

Think simple when planning a picnic. You don’t want heavy foods packed with things that could spoil when traveling. We provided a great easy recipe for you – Chicken and Veggie Pinwheel Wraps.

Be sure to bring plenty of water. Keep those bodies hydrated in this summer heat.

So, grab that basket, pack something delicious and head outdoors.