Energized Wellness

Changing health using whole food nutrition and the concepts of functional medicine


Meet Energized Wellness; Mrs. Brenda Gregory, MS, FDN-P

A Functional Medicine Nutritionist who combines the science and philosophies of functional and eastern medicine to get to the root of client health complaints.

Issues of healthy weight, autoimmunity, dysregulated mental health, and chronic pain are all symptoms of much deeper issues needing to be addressed by lifestyle changes and healthy habit implementation.

Her typical clients are stressed out (work, family, etc.), under/overeating, under/over-sleeping, dealing with chronic health issues (i.e. autoimmunity, diabetes, anxiety/depression, infections, etc.), and/or are experiencing chronic pain. In working with me, everything starts with your diet because food is medicine! This means discussing which foods may be helping, which foods may be harming, and finding the best course of action, all while implementing a mindful approach.

Together, Brenda and Her clients will investigate all aspects of their life: diet, health history, major stressors, movement, etc., and create a plan to reach goals they will set together. Brenda’s aim, as the practitioner, is to provide the information and instruction to implement the changes necessary to build healthier habits. However, she firmly believes you should be in the driver’s seat. You decide how fast or slow and what works or does not work for your lifestyle. This work is ALL ABOUT YOU