Make a Change; Nutrition and Alcohol


It is possible to reduce the risk of short- and long-term health risks of Alcoholism:

• lowering alcohol consumption

• proper diet

• counseling

• exercise

Good nutrition is crucial in early sobriety. Alcoholics are often deficient in B vitamins, which help the body produce energy from food;

Vitamin D, which regulates calcium absorption; and minerals like thiamine, which is important for healthy neurological functions.

People who have an alcohol addiction are often also deficient in zinc.  Needed to support the body’s immune system. Zinc plays a role in wound healing, break down of carbohydrates and is needed for the sense of smell and taste.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet with lots of fresh vegetables, including green leafy ones, avocados, nuts, fresh fish, poultry and lean meat can help people in recovery get the vitamins and minerals they need.