May is National Inventors Month


Without Alexander Bell, a Scottish scientist, we would not have phones! Can you imagine life without phones? This inventor spent his lifetime working with optical telecommunication and eventually created the first practical telephone.  Creators and inventors are imperative to the growth and development of the human race and the modern world. That’s why in May we celebrate National Inventors Month. This month is dedicated to dreams that have become a reality because of creativity, hard work, and dedication.

If you’re a geek, like many of us, you’ll love to check out the TIME Magazine article that presents a list of the  Best Inventions in 2018 Technology has advanced so far in today’s modern world. Be sure to check out the Xbox Adaptive Controller  which allows individuals with limited hand and arm mobility to play video games which were developed by Microsoft. Check out the ICON Vulcan 3-D Printer that is well on it’s a way to ending homelessness, one layer of foundation at a time. Fashionistas will love the ‘unbreakable’ pantyhose called Sheerly Genius Pantyhose. This article will blow your mind!

Did you know that the greater area of Austin is a grand hub for inventors and creatives? Some of the most important growth industries in this area are Space Technology, Creative & Digital Media Technology, Clean Energy & Power Technology, Data Management, and Advanced Manufacturing. Austin is home to some of the most significant corporate and regional headquarters including Dell, Facebook, Apple, General Motors and Visa. Click here for more Major Corporate & Regional HQs in Greater Austin.

Locally, you can celebrate Inventors month by visiting The Williamson Museum. Visit the historic court house, read about women who made an impact in Williamson County and play in Willie’s Kid Corral. Museums are a great place to learn all about dreamers who made an impact on history.

Above all else, let May will remind you to be thankful for creative and innovative individuals.