Letter Writing -A Simple Gift of Joy


A letter is a gift of joy that makes your presence and thoughtfulness evident.

Handwriting is becoming somewhat of a dying art in the digital world we live in; but the beauty of handwritten letters cannot be taken for granted. I don’t know about you, but I savor handwritten mail, whether that is birthday cards, sentimental letters from family or friends, or simply a post it note or napkin left behind from your significant other with the wish to have a good day.

It’s even more beautiful now to receive this kind of snail mail or gesture left behind because of the different, and much more convenient approaches we can take to reach others nowadays on the fly. A quick text message, call, email, or social media message serves as the mainstream approach to get ahold of someone in the fast paced society we are playing a part in.

There are so many benefits to writing letters, some of which include:

· They show how much you care – taking the time to put pen to paper when there are much quicker alternatives shows the receiver just how much you care about them and the time it took you to follow the letter writing process

· They honor tradition – there’s something very special about communicating in the manner that generations well before us communicated to one another. They are simply timeless and are a part of a very special way to communicate. Long after the letters are sent they are usually available to be read and preserved in order to remember the special sentiment.

· They require your undivided attention – when writing a letter to someone you truly have to focus on what you would like to convey, and since the process takes much longer you have more time to cultivate what you want to say to someone who is very important to you.

· They require unplugging yourself – by sitting down to write a letter to someone, you won’t be able to easily scroll through your phone, rather it’s best to give the receiver of the letter you’re full attention and let your mind free

I adore reading letters from my grandparents and parents especially, as they all have the most unique manuscript and cursive blend, allowing creative expression through written communication.

If you’re anything like me and enjoy sending out handwritten cards, or even digitally produced holiday cards, consider this holiday season trying to be more eco-friendly and sustainable with your letter delivery.

Suggestions on taking a more sustainable approach for this holiday season and beyond include:

· Send a digital holiday greeting to your friends and family; this can even include a video wishing a happy holiday season

· Use recycled products for your written cards

· Try and re-use cards that you already have lying around

· Instead of buying cards, consider making your own with household products that aren’t being used

· Post your holiday greeting card on social media for your friends and family to see

Write an uplifting letter to someone you love. It could be a letter to simply tell them how much you care about or miss them, a letter to reflect on a fond memory the two of you share, or simply a letter saying hi in an effort to catch up.


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