National Mutt Day

July31 Mutt Day A

Mixed Pooches Make The Best Loyal Friends

Regardless of the name, mutts are loving mix pooches that learn, train, and obey just like a pure bred. It’s awful to think that millions of mixed pooches are in shelters just waiting for a new home. Celebrate National Mutt Day, July 31st by loving on your pup at home or heading over to snag a new loyal friend. 

A Few places to take a look for a huggy mutty friend :

Perhaps take your furry companion to one, of the many, dog parks in Williamson County. Dog House Drinkery is fun and friendly!

If Owning and hugging a mutt is just not in your future at this time please donate a few dollars. Every Bit helps , WOOF WOOF, RUFF RUFF !!!!!!