National Walk a Dog Day

February 22nd and Every Day


All the cities in the Williamson County Animal shelters need some help Adopt a pet from Williamson County ASPCA then take you and your new friend for a walk Turns out if you are 55 or older there is a 5-year-old Dog or Cat just waiting for you. They are trained, have all their shots and have been socialized and loved on just enough to have a story about themselves. Their quirks, what makes them wag their tale and just how much they like kisses and other furry friends. The only cost to the adopting parent is a warm home, hugs and some goodies for their tummies. Turns out the American Heart Association also reports having a pet is one of the best things you can do for a healthy heart. I call that a WIN WIN situation!

Furry friends not on your radar right now, that is ok too. There are several ways to keep Our County a “no- kill” region is Texas. Remember to always spay or neuter your pet, adopt do not buy from breeders and Give where you can:

All you Young still in college or just graduating IT guys and gals and Our brainy Love filled Geeks, All the websites need help too. Volunteer some time and help update their pages. Every minute of assistance leads to lifelong homes for the furry guys who count on us all. Huggs and waggy tails