Food for the Heart


Sweet potato the great sweet substitute:

Sweet potatoes are a great source of B6 vitamins, which are brilliant at breaking down homocysteine, a substance that contributes to the hardening of blood vessels and arteries.

A great “sweet substitute”, the sweet potato is also beneficial in controlling blood sugar and maintaining energy. Sweet potatoes have a low glycemic index (which means they release sugar slowly into the bloodstream), aiding in steadying the levels of blood sugars. This means you won’t get blood-sugar spikes, but you will get a steady amount of energy. Studies also show that this regulation occurs even in people with type 2 diabetes.

The Sweet potatoes’ potassium content is also helpful for your heart, as it lowers blood pressure by maintaining fluid balance, as explained by the American Heart Association. Potassium is also an important electrolyte that helps regulate your heartbeat.

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