Recreation for PTSD


Exercise is the most natural activity one can do when recovering from PTSD . By becoming active, your brain releases endorphins or “happy hormones,” which will alleviate symptoms associated with PTSD. Mental health practitioners will often recommend exercise to those suffering from anxiety or depression or anger. Remember to consult your health management team when starting an exercise program, they may be able to identify what program would be best for you.

In honor of PTSD Awareness Month, we have made a list of activities that will have you feeling better in no time.

Take a deep breath with some Yoga. Deep breathing will allow the mind to calm and relax, which is hard to do when anxious. Yoga involves focusing on deep, continuous breaths that will assist in calming an over active mind. Stretching and training the core are also components of Yoga, addressing posture and improving the flow of oxygen rich blood and nutrients to the brain. Check out a few local Yoga and Pilates Studios here.

Aerobic Exercising will stimulate the brain to release the right number of endorphins and obtain your weight goals. It’s enjoyable to go for a bike ride with a friend , hike and find new and amazing Texas landmarks or wet your hook in one of the many beautiful Lakes of Central Texas. Be sure to fuel with a healthy snack and plenty of H2O!

Williamson County Parks

Find a scenic view.  Depression may have you feeling like you want to be alone and that’s completely okay. It’s normal to feel this way. Try finding somewhere with a scenic view to reflect and walk around. You may want to get lost in a good book next to the lake.

Watch the wildlife at local lakes

Explore Williamson County Lake Bridges

Go fishin’ near Lake Georgetown

Regular exercise will instantly assist you with your mental and cardiovascular health, help you accomplish weight goals, and gain better flexibility and mobility. Anxiety and depression will not seem to cloud your racing mind so much anymore. We support and encourage those battling with PTSD to take up local activities to better the mind and body.