It’s National Snack Month


It’s SNACK time!

Is it snack time yet? Get through a breakup, smash cravings, have a ‘treat yo’ self moment, or lose a bit of weight – whatever you may need – snacks have your back. Match your mood with the right bite, it’s National Snack Month in February. Bulk up on your favorites and get to munching. Before you get too excited, remember healthy snacking is the way to go. Bet. We’re going to tell you why below! Happy snacking!

Importance of healthy snacking:

Don’t let snacks get a bad rep; they’re essential to the diet. They can provide a boost of energy before a workout, get you through the ‘in-between-meal-time, and decrease hunger when wanting to attack a delicious (but not so nutritious) meal or overeating. With many snacks on the market, it’s essential to choose wisely for health’s sake. Also, limit unhealthy snacks to reduce the chances of becoming obese, which can lead to health problems.  

What is a healthy snack?

Learn how to Read a Food Label to understand the snack inside. A food label tells you about service size, nutrient content, and caloric information. Reading labels can help pick between a good and lousy snack choice. Keep in mind portion size, low fat, low sugar, and high fiber snacks are highly recommended. Limit foods that contain added sugar and are not natural. The healthiest of meals are fruits and veggies because they’re full of vitamins but low in calories and fat. Enjoy nuts, crackers, and cheeses in moderation!

Snacking during lunch

We all want our children to grow up happy, healthy, and robust. Snacking during lunch can help your kiddo stay happy and satisfied. You might even notice that your child “eats like a bird” and picks at their food during meals. This is why kids need to have snacks during the day. Snacks will keep your buck-a-roo focused on essential nutrients and keep hunger at bay. Snacks provide the energy and nutrients needed to fuel our little scholars throughout the day. Read more about When Should My Kids Snack? Here.

Though you might notice, some of the choices offered at school don’t cut, and throwing in a banana can get boring. Check out these Top 10 Kids Snack Lunch Ideas for inspiration.

Touch on allergies:

Moms that have kids with allergies may struggle to find an abundant choice of options for snacking. They may require more thought to ensure their little bellies stay happy. If you need some allergy-friendly defaults, check out this list below:

  • Do it yourself trail mix
  • Homemade granola bars
  • Hummus and veggie sticks
  • Throw raisins in some air-popped popcorn
  • Berries dipped in coconut yogurt

Need some help?

If snacks are getting the best of you or you want to get a wellness check-up visit, the team at Lakeline Wellness. You’ll start with an initial evaluation by Dr. Carsurd. Dr. “C” is Board Certified in Family Practice, Management of Internal Disorders, and Clinical Nutrition. They offer a free, 15-minute “meet and greet” where you’ll learn about the company, the approach, and how they can meet your needs.

If you are looking for more of a natural kitchen and someone to discuss Nutrition for you and your family, Sanctuary Holistic Kitchen in Georgetown is a great start. Robin Cervantes is the owner of this wonderful storefront and working kitchen. She can provide one-to-one assistance and also has a variety of Classes about nutrition, snacks, and more.

Links to good snack sites:

With so many great snacks, make dinner a snack night. The whole family can get involved – Let’s start SNACK NIGHT SUNDAYS and clean out the fridge for next week !!

Post Your snacks and share the fun !!