Williamson County Women of Honor


Malyssa Roze – CEO of Rock Solid Health in Round Rock, Texas, 2012. Malyssa began her journey into entrepreneurship from a personnel experience. Six years of physical intestinal ailments, doctors visits and a gallbladder infection she researched Natural Holistic Health treatments performed by a Naturopathic Doctor, his diagnostic tests led to the root cause of her problems, a cleansing treatment he guided her towards was Colon Hydrotherapy.

Treatments including Hydrotherapy resolved her underlying issue and led to increased energy, improved clarity and an end to her chronic health ailments. Addressing her health issues began a new career and life path from the inside out.  She went on to purchase the clinic that began her journey.  Her new vision for life included spreading the word of Naturopathic medicine, hydrotherapy, treating and educating people who suffer from gastrointestinal problems. “I believe that giving back to my community and helping people live their best lives is at the core of my motivation”

Rock Solid Health has grown from one small office to two locations in Round Rock and Harker Heights, Texas. Informative and caring staff are available with any questions a person considering hydro-colon cleansing may have. Rooms are relaxing, private and peaceful. A chance to re-energize and begin to put an end to the gut health issues you may be experiencing.