World Coconut Day is September 2nd


We’re going cocoNUTS over these benefits of coconuts…

Asian and Pacific Coconut Community (APCC) designated September 2nd as World Coconut Day. Major coconut growing countries raise awareness about the importance of the coconuts, health benefits, and its significance in alleviating poverty in developing countries by encouraging investments for development of the coconut industry.

People use coconuts for many things around the world such as in skin care, decorations around the home, and a delightful addition in many cuisines. Some even swish coconut oil around in their mouth for about 20 seconds to prevent dental  decay.

This tropical staple is known to slow down the aging process, improve heart and thyroid health, protect against Alzheimers, arthritis and diabetes, even lose weight.

Coconuts are also known for lowering cholesterol. In this study, diets rich in coconut fat compared to diets rich in butter to suggest that coconut oil was effective in lowering “bad” LDL and triglyceride levels, raising “good” HDL levels.

We hope that you are enjoying this day on a tropical island, but if you’re still around the area head over to Tai Spoon Restaurant to enjoy Satay. This delish dish is chicken marinated in mind curry and coconut milk, served with spicy peanut sauce and cucumber salad.