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Hello there! My name is Chelsea and I’m a Registered Dietitian.

Life is about balance and I’m here to hold you accountable. I want to help you find a positive relationship with food, stop fad dieting, and show you how to reach your goals with sustainable lifestyle changes.

My philosophy involves adding more food than taking it out. I believe all foods fit and that balance is key to sustaining healthy eating habits. It’s all about making healthy eating a lifestyle- one in which you enjoy and also have your favorite foods!

Parents know that what their children eat affects everything in their lives-from their energy levels, school performance, vulnerability to sickness. We introduce health and wellness back into your child’s life with a realistic approach to nutrition

My services include Pediatric Nutrition, Prenatal nutrition, Postpartum Nutrition, Busy Mom Nutrition, and Workplace Wellness.

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Round Rock, TX 78664, USA

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