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Rockin’ Robin

Robin Cervantes, Integrative Health Counselor, founded Sanctuary Holistic Kitchen in 2015. This beautiful store ‘cut the ribbon’ in 2015 with a mission in mind, helping achieve optimal wellness. Robin is known for her love to educate through food, creative spirit, and mindful practices. She believes you should shop with a purpose by applying a wellness approach toward your whole being, and we agree! This helps in your everyday life, enabling you to achieve your full potential and live with passion and purpose.

What’s in store

In this sustainable store, you will find healthy essentials, including sweet and savory eats, to apothecary products. There’s so much to look forward to at this sustainable boutique. Find peace in a cup of lovely loose leaf coffee or tea or experimenting with your apothecary skills in a DIY class. Discover the ‘kitchen’ side of things by calling ahead for grab & go’s from this easy-eating menu.

Eating made easy

As she states, “eating healthy should be easy.” We agree! This menu is kicking with flavorful organic, locally sourced, and free-range ingredients (and we cannot get enough). Most consumables are vegan and free from top allergies (like gluten, dairy, eggs, corn, soy, peanut, and shellfish). The daily pre-made products are delicious and available for curbside pick-up.

A few of our favorite things: 

Elderberry Syrup

Meeting in mind

As an Integrative Health Counselor, Robin helps those looking for natural modalities to support their health. She provides one-on-one support for overall wellness, like gut health, inflammation, and athletic performance. Currently, you can book appointments by emailing rcsanctuaryhk@gmail.com. With the pandemic, she is limiting coaching to Mondays and Tuesdays. Book soon to snag the tools to a happier, more vibrant life.

Navigating thru the pandemic

Robin taught classes in her space before these trying times, anywhere from making your smudge sticks to herbalism. However, during this pandemic, she loves most about her business and has been challenging to navigate. Despite the challenge, Robin trudges on! She currently offers online shopping with cursive pickup on Wed 2-5 and Saturday 10-2. She hopes to find balance in the chaos as she takes on her new ‘teaching’ role for her son this school year, being a mom, business owner, and educator.

What’s new

This coming fall, Robin looks forward to releasing her original subscription boxes and finding a new way to teach classes while maintaining social distance regulations.

She anticipates releasing a month and seasonal subscription box with her healthy products. Monthly packages will have ‘tried and true’ effects, where seasonal boxes will have consumables for what the body will need during that time.

Robin understands that during the pandemic, online material might be exhausting for some. She looks forward to (and crosses her fingers for) in-person, outdoor classes to continue teaching the community. Currently, you can book one-on-one sessions on Monday and Tuesday for health coaching services. Whether you’re looking for a sustainable fix or something savory to eat, Sanctuary Holistic Kitchen can help.

Thank you for what you do for our community, Robin! Wilco Wellness stands behind Sanctuary Holistic Kitchen because the products are clean, healthy, and sustainable. We encourage every ‘Wilco family member’ to pop in for a class or to sample a product. Get connected!

103 North Austin Avenue suite 310, Georgetown, TX 78626, USA

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