Aqua Tots – Cedar Park Claimed

Committed to saving lives, one swim lesson at a time.


All over the world. Since 1991, we’ve been committed to saving lives, one swim lesson at a time


We provide local swimming lessons to children and babies of all ages and abilities.


Aqua-Tots Cedar park is here to serve our growing community by teaching children of all abilities from 4 months – 12 years old how to become safe and confident swimmers. Our facility features an indoor 90* pool and a fully stocked changing room. With Flexible class schedules and make-up lessons,  we are here to make swim lessons convenient for you.

Whether moving through swim levels or building a business, we are committed to treating all people with the same intentional care and support

that we offer to our swim school families and franchise owners



All our instructors follow the Golden Path to Learning

  • 1. Affirm each other’s strengths, and protect each other’s weaknesses.
  • 2. Treat others the way you desire to be treated.
  • 3. Extend grace to those who are teachable.
  • 4. Seek first to understand others before trying to be understood.
  • 5. Choose relationships over profits.
  • 6. Think outside the box; always question the status quo.
  • 7. Praise in public; correct in private.


Sit back and relax in our comfy viewing area; we will take care of the rest.


Q Our student to instructor swim ratio is 4 to 1. Ensuring a safe and social swim environment.

Q What training do our instructors have?

All Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Water Safety Instructors (AT-WSI) have completed 40+ hours of intensive in-classroom and in-water training as well as written and in-water exams.