Fuel For Life

Personalized Nutrition for you and your family

My name is Chelsea Crawford and I’m a Registered Dietitian



Life is about balance and I’m here to hold you accountable. I want to help you find a positive relationship with food, stop fad dieting, and show you how to reach your goals with sustainable lifestyle changes.

My philosophy involves adding more food than taking it out. I believe all foods fit and that balance is key to sustaining healthy eating habits. It’s all about making healthy eating a lifestyle- one in which you enjoy and also have your favorite foods!

Parents know that what their children eat affects everything in their lives-from their energy levels, school performance, and vulnerability to sickness. We introduce health and wellness back into your child’s life with a realistic approach to nutrition

My services include Pediatric Nutrition, Prenatal nutrition, Postpartum Nutrition, Busy Mom Nutrition, and Workplace Wellness.

Did you know your sessions may be covered by insurance? Accepted healthcare plans are Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, United Healthcare, and medicare through most commercial insurances and through the state of Texas.


Q Specializes in new mom and pediatric nutrition

Educating moms on how to develop a positive relationship with food by providing them with the knowledge and skills to support healthy eating habits for both themselves and their families.