Impact Family Wellness Claimed

You Deserve A Provider That Knows Your Name.

We understand the struggles of healthcare and we are the solution!


Impact Family Wellness is a Direct Primary Care (DPC) provider. A new type of healthcare that allows us to create a personal relationship with our patients.  We focus on spending time with patients and understanding their health and wellness goals.  All members are given direct access to their provider’s cell phone number so they can get their questions and concerns answered quickly and conveniently.  Want a provider that actually knows your name and understands your struggles?  Then you are in the right place.  

 Direct Primary Care allows us to spend 30-60 minutes with patients to ensure we understand their health and wellness goals.  Offering care via text/phone to make care convenient, and efficient, and avoiding lost time and money is one of the benefits we love best!   Keeping care affordable and having transparent prices as well as offering exceptional care are just a few ways Impact Family Wellness is helping to revolutionize the healthcare system.


Save time, save money & receive excellent care



Q What if I have an urgent medical need outside of normal business hours?

Text, e-mail, or call your provider if you have an urgent medical need. You will get a response as quickly as possible and do everything possible to help.

Q Can I use my HSA to pay for my membership fee?

Yes you can use your HSA funds as a monthly payment source