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Lifting women up to love the skin they are in through whole health: mind, body, soul, and spirit!

Hello dear ones…my name is Kelly Frick.  I am a wife, a mama, a Writer & Blogger, a public speaker, an intentional disciple AND I AM BEAUTIFULLY WONDERFULLY MADE by my one true God.


Now I had always had an amazing interest in health. Food fascinated me. I knew intuitively there was something healing within it…I just didn’t know what I didn’t know yet.  I also loved how I felt when I walked and worked out.  But both of those also became a way I could punish myself because I didn’t believe what God whispered in my heart all the time that I AM ENOUGH.


This fueled my desire to pursue an education, certifications, continued ed….and more all focused on psychology, fitness, fertility health, nutrition, mindfulness, essential oils, EFT….and so much more.


And that is how God brought me on this journey to help young girls and women to get to the root of how what we think and say about ourselves forms our true health of mind, body, soul, and spirit.


I know within my entire being that God had me pursue so many different things to help me heal my own health challenges and empower my own daughter! For us to be that intentional disciple with other women to learn how to LOVE THE SKIN THEY ARE IN as well!


Head on over to my BLOG to learn more about how you too can have HOPE & HEALING IN YOUR HEALTH AND TO LOVE THE SKIN YOU ARE IN!

Kelly Frick
Lifting women up to love the skin they are in through whole health: mind, body, soul, spirit!


Q What does Kelly mean by Warrior Women?

In Kellys' blog page, she supports all women who are passionate about loving the skin they are in and stand together in supporting other women in their journey of love and life.