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Planning and delivery of your Nutritional Care regarding Colon Hydrotherapy.


Rock Solid Hydro-colon Therapy

Our Mission

Rock Solid Health’s mission is our dedication and commitment to providing an honest, effective, real-life approach with the highest quality of colon hydrotherapy for the client to achieve Optimum Health and Happiness. Our goal is to empower our clients to take control of their health, transform their bodies and simply improve their quality of life! As we play a crucial role in our clients’ life, improving health and happiness it is our hope to create a ripple effect that transforms the world.

Our Philosophy

Be contagiously healthy and happy as you live, laugh, and love! Don’t fear the unknown; happily embrace it with faith! I believe one of the major roadblocks to Natural Health Care is that people are intimidated by something new, and believe it will be too hard to achieve. This is especially true for Colon Hydrotherapy. That is why my primary goal as a Colon Hydrotherapist is to honestly serve and inform my clients to the best of my ability, which in turn will build trust as well as confidence between myself and my clients. It is my hope that my clients become empowered to live a New Healthier Life Style as well as establish a lifelong passion for their health.

About Colon Hydrotherapy

Today, modern research shows cleansing years of built-up waste from your colon can be helpful, and even prescribed by your provider, in certain situations. At Rock Solid Health we use sophisticated, modern equipment known as the Angel of Water Device, which is considered “The Best” Open System Device in the country! This device is known for its safety, sophistication, style, and sterilization ensuring your cleansing session is a super easy and safe process! Hydrotherapy cleansing is a process where warm filtered water is inserted into the colon effectively irrigating and cleansing the colon leaving you refreshed. Each session is conducted in a private environment, utilizing purified water, disposable nozzles, and sterilized equipment.