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Healthrhythm is an evidence-based protocol blending music into group drum Circles

Health Rhythms is an evidence-based protocol that uses group drumming as a tool for healing. Participating in a Health Rhythms drumming program has been shown to boost your immune system, lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and decrease burnout among teachers and other high-stress professionals. Health Rhythms employs ongoing community support for ALL, including those affected by trauma in an effort to create new neural pathways, igniting freedom.

   Soulshine is no stranger to the beauty of music

and the healing power that lies within. Her passion lies heavily in the holistic healing that drums allow for the mind, body, and soul connection.

There’s something extremely profound about interacting with the Drum. It reverberates in the soul and calls on us to look within ourselves and feel the experience deeply. We are all connected to one another and we tend to appreciate our relationships, even more, when we are around music. Long-term results with positivity, freedom, and confidence have been seen after playing music, and specifically after engaging in group drumming. At-risk adolescents and teens often find their escape in music which can break them out of the current situation they are in.

Suzy always tells all those who play in her drum circles to honor whatever feelings come out, as we are all human and experience highs and lows consistently. She sees their self-confidence grow from being timid and nervous around a new community at their first circle, to confident and stronger together as they begin to get comfortable around the instrument, and further, more comfortable with one another.

Her current passion lies in helping those in recovery, at-risk youth, and veterans with PTSD, and she is applying for grants to aid in her mission to help as many folks as possible. Make sure to seek out Suzy’s Soulshine Rhythm Experience through group programs, upcoming events in the community, or to book a private event, and prepare to have a self-altering experience!

Mrs. Suzy Turner is a Drum + Rhythm Facilitator trained in multiple methods including HealthRHYTHMS, Rhythm 2 Recovery, and Village Music Circles facilitation methods. She is a professional member of the Drum Circle Facilitators Guild and she is endorsed by Remo


Suzy Turner Soulshine Rhythm Experience