By Wheel or By Foot ?

Find Your Expert Cycling or Running

Let’s get to biking! 

Hundreds of people in the area use their bicycles as the primary means of transportation, which means they get a healthy dose of physical activity to grind deep into their daily routines. World Bike Day, celebrated on June 3rd each year, is a perfect day to join them (especially if you’re not an avid biker already!) as a unique celebration of one of history’s most innovative creations!

Let’s get physical!

Stimulating and improving the heart, lungs, and circulation while reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and a heart attack should be reason enough to hit the trails. But that’s not all cycling improves! This fun, low-impact exercise is excellent for all ages, especially if you love burning a few extra calories, strengthening muscles, and reducing fat levels while riding around town.

Let’s get our minds right!

Decrease stress and anxiety while building the ‘feel-good’ chemicals in the brain to improve your mental health status. Enjoy a better night of sleep (because you’ve burned all that energy), while bumping up your creativity and productivity juices. 

Let’s get social!

Riding around town can be fun alone, but why not bring in your pals? There are several riding grounds around the area. Check out. The Wheel brothers provided this amazing website with groups and dates around Texas. Check it out and research the websites and their information. “Social” has somewhat been diverted recently – let’s all get involved and get back on the road together. Cycling is generally 6 feet apart by nature sport anyways- WORD!

Let’s get green (for the environment)!

Riding your bike is powered by you, which means that no crazy chemicals are released into the air. It’s entirely pollution-free, while only using a few fossil fuels to produce the bike. Also, they do less damage to road surfaces than your car would, while bike paths give people free-range space to hit the pedals. 

Let’s get to teach our kids!

Most schools and playdates are within walking distance of the home, encouraging your able kiddos to grab their ride and learn responsibility for their own vehicle home.

Riding a bike is so much fun that it improves mental and physical well-being while acting as a convenient way to get around town and is environmentally friendly. Fit cycling into your daily routine by riding to local stores, parks, schools, to work, or even hitting up trails in the area. You’ll love this fun, low-impact exercise at any age. 

Double Knot Those Tennis Shoes, It’s Time To Run! 

Every year on the first Wednesday of June marks National Running Day! Runners unite to share their love and passion for hitting the pavement, while beginners have a chance to start a new commitment. Many incorporate running into their daily routine, while others set out to compete at set distances. If you’re contemplating running, consider these reasons: 

  • Low cost. As an appealing exercise, running doesn’t break the bank or suck up too much time. Run when and where you can. 
  • Heart rate increases. The more intense the workout, the harder it beats while reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke and improving cardiovascular fitness. 
  • Build strong bones. Build strong bones with this weight-bearing exercise. 
  • Burn Calories. According to Healthline, a 120-pound person burns around 684 calories per hour. 
  • Maintain a healthy weight. Burning those calories will contribute to maintaining a healthy weight (while lookin’ good too). 
  • Companionship. Ask a friend to join a running club, feeling social boots those ‘feel-good’ hormones.  Check out a few running clubs near Round Rock or even the Georgetown Running Club. There are several to choose from to get social. 
  • Friendly competition. Put your running to the test with running clubs, marathons, and neighborhood races, which are great for beginners through advanced runners. Our community caters to those who love some good competition in support of a good cause.  

Pick up this aerobic exercise to better your life. Enjoy health benefits for years to come, as well as companionship within our community. Always remember to check in with your physician before starting a new running program. Stay safe and hydrated!

 Check out more helpful tips here!

A little more to help you get on your Journey be it by wheel or by foot we have provide a list of Running and Cycling shops in your town. If you would be interested in helping promote a Cycling group in Williamson county contact us, we would love to explore the possibility.

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