Reduce Stress By Releasing the Cuddle Hormone

july 10 kitten day

It is National Kitten Day !!!!

Spend some time with a tiny (and quite irresistible) kitten on July 10th as its National Kitten Day. Snuggling a furry little friend will cause a surge of oxytocin (the “cuddle hormone”) to be released in your body causing reduce stress and anxiety, promote relaxation, build trust and contribute to stability in mental health. 

The Wrescuers is a great program for kids 11 years and under at the Williamson County Animal Shelter. They encourage reading to the animals on Sunday afternoons and get in a good snuggle. There are also DIY projects( make a knot blanket) for home with the kids on a rainy day or here in Texas “a hot steamy day”

Hug your Kids and Hug your Kittens . Oxytocin is a good thing !!