Electrolyte Essentials

After a sweaty workout or long night of dancing, electrolytes replenishment is a requirement. What exactly does the term "electrolyte" mean? Many people toss around the word with little knowledge of the meaning. In this blog, you'll understand what they are, why they're essential, sources...

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Ole Johnny Appleseed loves apples

 “An Apple a Day will Keep the Doctor Away” Be the (red) apple of someone’s eye on Eat a Red Apple Day, which is celebrated on December 1st every year. Red apples are not only delicious, but they are also nutritious. Have you heard the old...

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Okra Summer Salad

Healthy Cholesterol Pantry List

Check out this list of pantry foods to help reduce high levels of cholesterol There are so many foods to choose from Apples Avocados - Monounsaturated fatty acids Beans and Legumes - Fiber Beets - Great Fiber Broccoli - Great Fiber Cabbage - Great Fiber Chia Seeds and Flaxseeds - Omega 3's Citrus fruits Coconuts Garlic...

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