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The Playful Child: The Importance of Play

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“Creating opportunities for children, families, and the community to grow and heal through play” – The Playful Child

Interview: The Founders of The Playful Child are excited to report

‘Playtime’ at The Playful Child. Whether it’s arts, music, theater, or dance, you’ll find a community that encourages healing through play. This establishment was created out of love in 2018 in honor of Kade Damian, a “playful and joyful spirit.” The Children’s Memorial Park and Playground is the first project to be built in Georgetown, TX. The ground will honor all children who have passed but remain in our hearts and memories. The project is in the works and COMING SOON!

Mission: The Importance of Play

Playtime is vital to the healthy development of our children. It creates well-rounded, well-adjusted, successful adults. The Playful Child believes that play “holds the key to treating many mental and physical health issues presented in our society today.” And we couldn’t agree more.

We love that The Playful Child focuses much of their attention, though it might seem odd, on the concept of play. If you take a look into today’s society and how children behave, you’ll think otherwise. There’s a dramatic decline in free, unstructured play for children. They are cutting recess in half in our schools. You may notice that playgrounds are ghost towns, and parents must schedule playdates or activities.

Children do not have a chance to initiate new relationships by themselves. Play-based learning is vital to social and communication skills. How else can you meet your life-long best friend on the playground? Robbed from our children is the opportunity to meet special friends we all can say we have.

Oh, It’s a scary time to be alive…

As stated above, today’s world offers parents many challenges. To provide a few reasons:

  • Screen time is up and averaging 52.5 hrs per week in North America for children 8 to 18.
  • Fear of abduction is the rationale for reducing children’s freedom to roam unsupervised (regardless of the likeness per capita).
  • Due to inadequate diets and lack of physical activity, children have less of an expected lifespan than their parents.

…but it doesn’t have to be!

Scary facts, right? Don’t fret. In this facility, you will find natural playgrounds in a safe, confined area that allows these worries to cease. This type of play environment consists of elements found on Earth. It’s not your typical plastic slide and climbers.

What are natural playgrounds?

Natural playgrounds provide engagement for all five senses in a safe place for children at all levels. Your child will love hopping over tree stumps, climbing on boulders, and running through dirt paths. You will find a play for quiet contemplation or dramatic play—a place where cognitive skills and fine motor engagement are tested. The design encourages children to fall in love with the outdoors as they increase their motor skill development, socialization, and overall health. Here, your child is free to laugh, grow, and play. And it’s a ‘stress-free zone for parents and teachers alike. It’s no secret that natural playgrounds promote optimal child development. Thus, all while children feel

free to engage in healthy, yet risky play. Find out more with frequently asked questions in regards to natural playgrounds.

Why are we excited about ‘risky play’?

In a blog, “What is risky play?” you discover the true meaning and passion behind the mission and the concept of “risky play.” The park will have opportunities for risky play where children are allowed to interact with their environment. From swinging to jumping, the design will be engaging, fun, and safe. However, this space will allow children to grow, test their limits, and build confidence. It’s an opportunity for children to “build skills through and confidence through trial and error.”

“You either win, or you learn, but no matter what, you experience and grow. To me, that’s what risky play is all about!” – The Playful Child

Ways to Get Involved

The Playful Child will exist to nurture the mental and physical health of children & families by cultivating the healing value of unstructured play in our community”. Located in Georgetown, you will soon find that. We love this concept because it promotes less screen time and more creativity through messy and outdoor play. Service allows for more face-to-face communication and children the chance to play, observe, experiment, travel, and get hands-on. Even get a little messy!

Like many others, COVID-19 set back the fundraising progress of The Playful Child. This spring, they were forced to pass up several vital fundraising events. However, this will not stop them. During slower times, The Playful Child trudges on. They build their support system from the inside out to come back stronger when things start picking back up.

They’re asking for all talents, time, and treasures to come alike. If you or you know someone who might be able to support, please set forward! They need volunteers, donations, and organizations to support their business. We encourage you to get involved by checking out ways to donate or even becoming a corporate sponsor. Help spread the word: share & like on Facebook. Attend Pictures with Santa 2020 this upcoming season or be present during the toy drive.

“We all carry experiences that can be softened through play, friendship, laughter, fresh air, and movement.” It’s important to the facility to have a safe, comforting place for their community to engage in outdoor fun. We encourage you to get involved with as much as you can. Wilco Wellness stands behind the mission of The Playful Child!

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