Alzheimer’s – Mental Health – Spiritual Health

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Staying connected Is The Most Important way to Show Your Love

As important as diet, keeping stimulated, and maintaining interests and relationships reduces the effects of memory impairment. It also encourages self-expression, fosters emotional connections with others, and lessens any anxiety and irritability that Alzheimer’s may bring.

Hang out and Share Activities with Your Loved -Memory Challenged – Buddy

  • Bake or cook simple recipes together
  • Clean around the house. Sweep the patio, wipe the table, fold towels or try other household tasks that help the person to feel a sense of accomplishment.
  • Do arts and crafts, such as knitting and painting. Keep patterns and tools simple
  • Look at books the person used to enjoy
  • Read the newspaper
  • Play music or sing songs
  • Tend the garden
  • Watch family videos
  • Work on puzzles

If they resist an activity, take a break. You can try again later. Or ask them how the activity can be changed to make it more enjoyable for them. If your loved one does not have an answer just stop the activity and sit for a while. Remember time spent together is most important and not the on the results of the task. What really matters is that they enjoyed the time spent on it and felt useful.

It’s important as well to have a Positive Environment. Although not a cure, a positive environment can help lift their spirits. One that supports their health, independence, and safety gives them the experience of more personal control. They will be more likely to remain active and engage in activities familiar to them, helping them to live well for as long as possible

Create an enriching environment

  • Decorate in soothing colors
  • Have the phone near them at all times
  • Have the temperature suit their sensitivities
  • Keep visitors coming – Try setting up a shared online visitor calendar with family and friends
  • Make kitchen utensils easy to locate and meals easy to prepare
  • Make rooms easy to navigate
  • Remove throw rugs and other tripping hazards
  • Use music they enjoy to lift and relax the spirit