Be Smarter Than the Scammer

Seniors Beware of scammers

Senior Scammer – Beware

Have you ever noticed that when the Holiday Season arrives there seems to be more marketers calling? That is when our antennas should alert us to be very aware of the difference between a telemarketer to a scam artist.  Scam artists can be very creative over the phone. 

seniors can be very vulnerable

Scam artists can portrait themselves as representing the IRS.  By informing a person that they the taxpayer owes.  It is common knowledge the IRS will never phone a taxpayer with regard to their personal taxes.  The IRS only notifies interested people by correspondence/mail.

Then, there is the scam artist claiming you won a very large amount of money

They ask for you to send money to this scam artist at a designated area, supposedly to cover taxes on the winnings. They may also ask for your bank account number for a direct deposit. Don’t do it !!! Who gives money away these days? really! Where is Oprah?

The Perfect Credit Record

Or, better yet.  How about the one claiming you have a perfect credit card payment record, you are eligible for zero-interest charges on all your credit card accounts. who do they think their fooling? If you have a perfect Credit card record, I am pretty sure you already know what you’re doing. Keep up the good work!

Have Caller Id

The list goes on, and it is advisable to have “Caller Identification” on your phone.  That way you can check on who is actually calling.  If the Caller Identification shows Unavailable, even with a phone number, it most likely is a scam. Let the caller Id answer the phone. It is not worth falling as you run to pick up the phone. Your friends know you take a minute to get the cookies out of the oven before you answer.

                   Let your common sense be your guide;  In today’s world, It is not only BUYER BEWARE  but  PHONE OWNER’S BEWARE