Spice Up Your Walk !


Spicing Up Your Walking Routine

Walking is excellent for losing those extra holiday pounds. Benefits range from boosting energy and clearing the mind, to relieving tension and getting creative juices flowing, and more. It’s free to do and easy if you’re able. You only need a pair of good walking shoes and some time to spend. Just 30 minutes a day can keep you out of the doctor’s office and living a longer, healthier life.

Check out these tips on how to spice up your walking routine:

Let’s get physical, physical

Let your body talk! Is it saying you’re bored with walking? Add a pleasant conversation into the mix with a chatty walking partner. You’ll want to get physical, physical more often. How many Olivia Newton-John references can you count? I’m sure you’ll understand my point of view.

ARRRR, matey! Shape your booty, looking for some booty

Give your brain and body work out with this high-tech treasure hunting game. You can download it at geocaching.com, enable your GPS on any device, and head out the door. Enjoy finding the geocache container while getting a sweat in!

Navigating new land

Skip the usual route. Try getting a new perspective by choosing a new trail or going another way. You might even try going the same direction, but a different time of day. Be bold and mix it up a bit.

Make a new playlist

Jazz up your workout by creating a new playlist with the artist you might not have heard of before. Enjoy a high-energy playlist on days you want to get to scooting and a Coffee House mix for calmer days.

Track your miles

Use a cheap pedometer or an advanced tool to track your steps. If you’re competitive, you’ll want to beat your previous actions (which only makes for a better workout). As an FYI, you can choose advanced tools like the Fitbit or iWatch. However, these can get a bit pricey.

Take a guided walking tour

Hit up the Williamson Museum for a guided walking tour of the Women of Williamson County exhibit or enjoy paintings of Jennifer Polnaszek.

New shoes, who’s this?

When you crush your walking goal, you set for the month, buy yourself a new pair of shoes. Tell your partner that it’s all a part of your health plan. Hey, a girl can try, can’t she?

Take a hike

Hit a nature trail near you with the family or even solo. You’ll enjoy nature at its most beautiful and maybe even self-reflect if you’ve got the time.

Walk with a Pup For National Walk a Dog Month

Your four-legged friend will be a perfect companion during your brisk walks around the block or log-hauls through the neighborhood. Your furry friend indeed needs exercise and mental stimulation, too.

Ask yourself who rescued who by adopting a furry friend at Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter. Join the walking club, and you’ll forever be loved by your tail-wagging friend.



Walk Across Texas

Register with Walk Across Texas to literally walk enough that it equals the number of miles that it would take you to walk across Texas literally. This number is 830 miles, which can typically be done in around eight weeks.


Pick up photography

Whether you have professional equipment or use your phone, photography can make any walks more fun. Working on your skills will give you a new challenge. Post pictures to social media and share your love of walking to get others moving.

Call your mom

Catch up with the latest gab by calling an old friend or check in on your dear ole mom. With good conversation, your walk is going to fly by!

Themed 5K Races

How much fun are those 5K races that have themes? Get all dressed up and head up to the competition. No need to jog or run, everyone is here for a good cause and going at their own pace. We recommend you start taking longer walks before the race to get prepared and build your stamina.


Join meetup.com to see if there are any walking groups in the Greater Williamson County area. You’ll meet up with some pals that can keep things light and enjoy exercising as you do.

Bird watching

Tweet, tweet! Consider walking around with a notepad, camera, and pencil gazing for birds. Use iNaturalist to help identify plants and animals during your walk.

Do you have any other ideas to spice up your walking routine? Hop to it! Whether you’re listening to the new playlist or catching up on gossip, choose walking for around 30 minutes a day to maximize the benefits.

Cardio won’t be kicking you in the behind if you stick with your new walking routine. The best part is if you keep on walking, you’ll stick with it and become healthier for many years to come. Don’t forget to pay attention to traffic and anything that might block your way. Safety first!