Prescription Drug Take-Back Day: Dispose of Old Drugs


Do you have any unused or expired prescription drugs in your cabinets?

If so, choose to be a part of the National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day on Saturday, April 27th to safely, conveniently, and responsibly dispose of these drugs before they get into the wrong hands. Prescription drug abuse is an epidemic in our nation that is spreading dramatically across the country and demographic groups. The consequences of abusing prescription drugs are severe and sometimes fatal.

In efforts to reduce these consequences, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) coordinates with law enforcement, pharmacies, and the general public to raise awareness each year during the spring and fall.  The ultimate goal is to keep our family, friends, and community safe and away from harm. Through collection receptacles, mail-back packages, and take-back events the DEA has provided more ways to dispose of prescription drugs properly in a safe, convenient and responsible manner. During National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day, people are encouraged to drop off any personal unwanted or expired prescription medications safely and anonymously. By collecting the prescription drugs, reduces the availability of the drugs on the streets, prevents deaths from occurring or the start of drug use in the first place.

National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day focuses on three major prescription drugs that get into the wrong hands.

These are stimulants, depressants, and opioids. Click on the link below to find a location near you. Choose today to educate yourself and your family on the matter at hand in efforts to reduce the availability of drugs on the street and help people get the treatment they need. With education and participation, this project will save thousands of lives. Thank you again for visiting our directory!

Deborah Price