Attention Workaholics !!!

National Workaholics Day July 5th

Stop Working So Hard This is National Workaholic’s Day

Are you always coming in early, skipping your lunch and stay late at work?

July 5th is National Workaholics Day! If you are a workaholic, celebrate by cooling off your monitors and relax the keyboard. It’s not healthy to work around the clock. Workaholics tend to be sleep deprived, which can lead to severe brain and cognitive function issues. So today try Practicing a little work /life balance for your well-being. We given you a few suggestions to get up and move and maybe even meet a few other workaholics and have a laugh.

Your key board and phone are on fire from over use.  People think your brain is going to pop with over work. Put the office away for a day and refocus – regenerate.

One day

24 hours you can do it!