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12th Annual Event brings girls in grades 3-8 and adults who care about them together for more than 60 different activities that ignite the power in girls

Girls are powerful. Yup, you know this! But, many girls don’t, and they should. Luckily, there’s a statewide, multi-city event right here in Texas designed to teach girls just this. The Girls Empowerment Network shows younger girls and those who care about them all about self-efficacy, which is a girl’s belief in her ability to succeed through the curriculum. The curriculum is taught during camp, conferences, and within school districts. Take a peek at these life-changing programs below: 

Camp Girls 

Gaining skills, new friendships, and a new sense of self is no obstacle for the girls attending the two-week-long sessions this summer. These sessions are designed to ignite the power deep within girls who are entering the 3rd-8th grade. 

We Are Girls

Girls walk away inspired from break-out sessions and dance parties held at the We Are Girls Conferences, produced by Girls Empowerment Network because they’ve gained the confidence needed for success. Ace-ing, an exam, overcoming a bully, or breaking up with an abusive partner is no challenge because she realizes that she can do it, and therefore, she is powerful. 

Girls Connect

Over 60+ Texas schools have linked up with Girls Empowerment Network to improve educational outcomes for girls, parents, and teachers. These girls learn the tools needed to deal with stress, bond with peers, and learn ways to achieve their goals. Parents are encouraged to visit the campus, engage in progress, and connect via email, closed social media groups, and regular conference calls or emails. 


Getting a head start on the pathway to independence, college, and a career is made possible for by the Girls Empowerment Network for girls rising in 9th-12th grades. This leadership summer focuses on teaching young women how to gain access to women leaders and professionals in the area, identifying unique strengths, developing real-world skills, and so much more. 

Youth Ambassador Council (YAC)

Women ages 15-24 within the YAC give feedback about Girls Empowerment Network’s program to ensure it is relevant through directly contributing to produce stand volunteerism. The members must have previous experience with the Girls Empowerment Network. 

The Girls Empowerment Network wants to be the spark that leads girls with an infectious passion. We just love that! Girls who are healthy, feeling empowered, and are educated. Families are healthier when girls are educated, healthy, and empowered. It’s about time that we start investing in girls to promote a more prosperous world. It’s the right thing to do. The future is in the hands of these lovely young ladies, why not give them the tools necessary to succeed? That’s the critical priority for the Girls Empowerment Network as they teach the 6s Cs (collaboration, communication, confidence, coping skills, creativity, and critical thinking) and lead the group to make a significant impact. 

We challenge you to get involved by attending a conference, joining the Girl Advocacy League, becoming a volunteer, or placing a donation

Deborah Price