Burn Boot Camp is Raising the Bar for Women in Round Rock


Burn Boot Camp is Revolutionizing the Fitness Scene

and raising the bar in Round Rock, Texas, located in Williamson County. With an overwhelmingly powerful sense of community, involvement, and support, this vibrant environment is one that you want to be a part of, one that you not only can grow but also thrive in! Not only do these powerful female coaches (Anne, Mikayla, Ashley, Cara, and Saoirse) care about your mind, body, and spirit connection, but they also foster community involvement that extends beyond the four walls of the gym.

Burn Boot Camp, Round Rock, celebrated its 1st birthday this month, and BBC continues to grow and expand in its reach across Williamson County.  I got to talk extensively with Anne Townsend, the manager, and coach for BBC, about this empowering studio to learn more about their unique approach to fitness, nutrition, and the overall health of each person who comes to take a class. Born in Flower Mound, Texas, Anne has her BA in Physics and her Masters in Education Administration. Anne found the gym helped her when she began to feel isolated from the adult company as a stay-at-home mom. This is when her love for fitness gained its roots. It was her natural inclination to seek out part-time work at a gym when she first discovered and fell in love with Burn Boot, and continues to promote their philosophy and mission.

One of my favorite parts about BBC is their attention to life’s obstacles;

specifically what makes the physical activity even harder for a busy mom. A lot of moms don’t participate in group exercise classes due to a lack of childcare. BBC combats this with onsite childcare at several of the classes throughout the day, which allows moms to participate in a great workout, social community with other women, and allows them to rest assured their children will be taken care of while burning their own energy with other kids!

Burn Boot Camp members are family. New or seasoned, the culture that is cultivated within Round Rock’s BBC, is wholesome and welcoming. Continuously greeted with enthusiasm and encouraged along the way, the inclusive culture contradicts the wellness philosophy of other organizations and their appeal to standoff competition, individual success, and comparison among other gym members. Instead, BBC’s focus on the client goes above and beyond and reaches for collaboration and teamwork.  

Burn Boot Camp stands apart from other group exercise classes

BBC’s detailed approach when it comes to correct alignment and postures when working out is unlike any other. ­The trainers visit each person as they work out to address form, suggest modifications, and changes to improve their form, assuring the best and safest workout for each unique person. The floating floor they had installed works to prevent injuries and improve workouts, looking out for each client’s safety.

Beyond ensuring proper modifications are taken, the coaches at BBC encourage private visits if the client requests. The coaches are more than willing to meet with individuals to discuss modifications for body style, injuries, health conditions, and fears from other workout experiences. BBC offers nutritional guidance and will refer you out to nutritionists, physical therapists, and other specialists, focusing on the person as a whole, not solely their fitness levels. They even offer pre and post-natal pelvic floor and incontinence guidance, which is a specialized approach to getting moms feeling confident to work out again.

This group atmosphere is a secure place for even the shyest guests, with no mirrors in the fitness room, and gender-specific classes, as well as co-ed, to be able to choose which you feel fits your fancy.

Burn Boot Camp reaches beyond the gym to support family and community

BBC supports a variety of non-profit groups, encourages military meet-ups at the gym, there are co-ed classes and self-defense classes, They also support diaper bank drop spots, DIY craft project meetups, and another creative reach out projects in efforts to support the community that houses BBC. The mission continues to be” provide a safe space for women to thrive both physically and emotionally, providing extensive training, health guidance, and most of all, a family”.

Make sure to check out Burn Boot Camp, Round Rock, Texas’, the Facebook page where Anne has video chats on special topics. Their social media is full of great information, testimonials, updated class calendars, and updates on special events they are hosting at the gym.

Casey Rollins
Casey Rollins