Covid – 19 Health Tips While We Are All Hunkering Down


“Stay Home and Stay Safe”

Hello to All our Fans and readers of WilcoWellness. It seems Williamson County and Travis County are moving into the “Stay Home and Stay Safe” Phase. We hope everyone has stocked up with supplies, movies, activities to do and networked with your small group to be able to get thru our mini quarantine period. Here is a list to think about for preparedness. America is an amazing place to live and being well informed, we can consider ourselves somewhat ahead of the curve. With that said, please follow social distancing guidelines. No hand shaking; yes, a good grip is a Texas thang but for now just stick with:

Howdie neighbor and a smile!

After a few days of research and following some of our most respected health sources WilcoWellness has chosen a simple to follow, well trusted Internet site that is doing a good job of staying up to date with information. There are podcasts to listen to, questions of all varieties addressed such as age related, medication related, Dr. appointments, and how this virus may affect children.  For your reading pleasure if you would like to stay educated, we recommend:

Harvard Health Publishing–Coronavirus Resource Center–Trusted advice for a healthier life

A Texas review site for your reading pleasure:

A Quick List Of  “To Do and Not to Do”

  • Wash your hands with warm soapy water at least 20s. – Stop touching your face
  • Sneeze into a tissue and throw it away in a closed sealed container – not in your pocket, put it in the trash – Wash Your Hands – Stop Touching Your Face
  • Do not shake hands – Howdie and a smile will do thank-you!
  • The virus sticks to surfaces, only touch surfaces that have been disinfected. Try carrying alcohol or Clorox wipes in a Ziploc with gloves and only touching doors or other surfaces with these items in your hands or on your hands.
  • Wash Your Clothes and hair as soon as you return home if in public areas. Soap and water are an easy option to not getting sick.  WASH YOUR HANDS.
  • Wipe all surfaces down with an approved cleaning agent. Here is the list
  • Follow 6 feet social distances while in open public areas. Be respectful to your neighbors please.
  • The virus starts in the mouth, throat and nasal passages. It is recommended to gargle with salt water or a good mouth wash if you feel a sore throat coming on.
  • Zinc lozenges have also shown to be effective in slowing the growth of the virus. Not to exceed 150 milligrams daily.  
  • For fever use acetaminophen not to exceed 3,000 milligrams daily
  • Tips for parents and what they need to know and do
  • Tips for Grandparents and baby sitters
  • Stop Smoking , the virus attacks your respiratory system and a smoker is compromised.
  • Wear a Mask in public if you have upper respiratory weaknesses like asthma,heart problems or immune deficiencies. Pharmaceutical medications for these illnesses weaken the immune system and can leave a person susceptible to this virus. If you have any questions or concerns call your pharmacist and ask them what your precautions might be.

The corona virus is thought to spread mainly from person to person

  1. Droplets are produced by the virus
  2. They enter the air by sneezing or coughing
  3. They remain active for periods of time on all surfaces
  4. The virus will spread thru the air or from effected hands to the objects they touch

Rule Of Health- Stay Virus Free



Stay Home and Stay Safe Please

Love yourself, love your family, love your neighbor and HANG SIX from 6 feet away

We Love You Williamson County, hope this little health blog has been helpful. For any questions research Harvard Health Publishing.

Hugs and stay home