Happy Galentines Day



A Holiday Worth Mentioning

February is certainly a month of love, notoriously filled with candy hearts, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, and the colors red and pink illuminating through the short, twenty-nine day month (twenty-eight on leap year, like this year!). We are quick to shower our romantic loved one with gifts, a nice meal, our time, and attention, for Valentines Day (rightfully so!), but what about our girlfriends and the women in our lives that add so much love and companionship, often giving us advice on our significant other, our career, and our mental health? Having girls that you can confide in and celebrate life’s small and large moments is what makes the beauty of sisterhood so powerful.

Galentines Day is to Valentine’s Day as Friendsgiving is to Thanksgiving, y’all!

Galentines day was born from the sitcom Parks and Recreation by the infamous character, Leslie Knope. In the show, this February tradition was viewed over brunch (one of the girl’s favorite activities, because hey who doesn’t like mimosas and chicken and waffles?!), with excessive gift-giving, gossip, and delicious eats! This celebration of female friendship across co-workers, friends, and family alike, is seen as an event to leave your husband or boyfriend at home and celebrate girl time and the loyalty, joy, and all that it has to offer!

What was previously a silly, unofficial holiday, skyrocketed in popularity across women all over the country. It’s become such a high spending holiday, preparing for parties and get-togethers with their female friends, businesses have bought into having promotional offers in honor of these girly celebrations. Companies like Uber and Lyft, Shari’s Berries, and Target promoted the holiday with marketing emails and coupons to draw women in and even created products that would appeal to their celebratory events!

It’s important to point out the emotional impact of this special holiday

Women, especially single women and recently divorced/widowed/separated females that feel a void and sense of sadness on the day of love, Valentines Day. It creates a space that is separated from being alienated and judged for not having a “beau” to smooch on February the 14th. And really, shouldn’t we show our love on more days than just one glorified Hallmark holiday? 

Some fun places for the girls to meet and hang out for lunch, dinner, coffee, or to have a spa night are included below in Williamson County, Texas. Grab your girlfriends, your favorite lipstick, and your sass, and go pick up your friends to head to some (or all) of these places specifically on February 13th or throughout the month!


Casey Rollins
Casey Rollins